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01:01 Introduction to Linux

08:44 Linux distributions explained

15:56 Installing VirtualBox and setting up our virtual machine

23:47 Ubuntu Linux installation on a virtual machine

36:26 Disabling the ISO and first boot up

38:40 VirtualBox guest additions for a better user experience

46:14 Customizing our Ubuntu desktop

54:41 Unity Tweak Tool for Ubuntu

1:06:48 Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows (dual boot)

1:23:09 Linux command line essentials

1:36:17 Administrative privileges in terminal

1:42:14 Using the package manager (apt-get) to install new applications

1:46:17 Searching through the repositories to find new apps

1:48:23 Installing packages that are not in the repository

1:53:09 Keeping programs updated in Linux

1:57:48 File permissions and ownership explained

2:10:26 How to create files using the command line interface (CLI)

2:15:24 Creating new directories and moving files

2:19:59 Copying, renaming, and removing files

2:24:43 The FIND command and it’s practical uses

2:36:10 GREP command explained

2:39:10 Using GREP in conjunction with FIND

2:42:26 Redirecting the output of a command

2:45:42 The TOP command and its uses

2:47:01 How to view the entire list of processes and closing applications

2:52:36 Services explained

2:54:44 Configuring services using the command line

2:59:20 Using CRONTABS to schedule tasks

3:04:56 Choosing an integrated development environment (IDE)

3:08:29 Eclipse installation and setup

3:12:26 PyCharm installation and setup

3:18:51 Introduction to GitHub, installation, and repository setup

3:23:06 How to push/pull information from a repository

3:29:13 How to remove/ignore directories in our repository

3:34:25 Resolving merge conflicts through terminal

3:41:42 How to setup and manage branches

3:49:37 Meteor installation & setup

3:55:32 Meteor project setup

4:01:06 Router setup with React components

4:13:31 Getting into the programming

4:26:46 Rendering our blog posts

4:42:06 Apache 2, PHP 5, and MySQL setup

4:45:36 Server configuration

4:51:14 Linux hosts file explained

4:54:40 Deploying our Meteor app to an Apache 2 server

5:00:03 MongoDB NoSQL database

5:05:21 Virtual host setup

5:16:46 phpMyAdmin setup

5:24:50 Creating a basic virtual host

5:33:00 Wordpress installation on top of our Apache 2 environment

5:40:25 Database setup

5:46:48 Python installation and CLI

5:57:35 Adding/removing users through GUI

6:01:09 Adding/removing users through CLI

6:06:55 Adding users to a group

6:10:51 Introduction to networking

6:17:41 Local area network (LAN) explained

6:25:08 Networking commands

6:35:40 NETSTAT command

6:40:39 Linux host file

6:49:59 TRACEROUTE commands

6:53:57 Network mapping explained

7:08:29 Using SSH to access the command line of a remote host

7:11:06 Using SFTP to transfer files between machines

7:14:43 Setting up SSH on our local machine

7:20:10 MAN command explained